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The INS PRO system is developed in a modular design. A company only needs to license the systems required for their current operations, with the option to add others at any time. All system components are fully integrated with each other and interface options are available. Some of our most popular interfaces are: Accounts Payable, On-line Payments, Mortgagee Notification, Imaging, and Web Quoting.

INS PRO Modules

Policy Writing Highlights

  • Company controlled rates
  • Simplified statistical reporting
  • Bureau forms rating
  • Automatic anniversaries
  • Underwriting questionnaire
  • Pro rata & prior period changes
  • Quoting and history systems
  • Issue new & renewal policies
  • Electronic mortgagee & policy notifications[/sidebar_tab]

Account Receivable Highlights

  • Commission statements by agent
  • Receipt cash for insurance & fees
  • Handles over / under payments
  • Process bounce checks / reverse payment
  • Automated change payment plans
  • Write off premium
  • Multiple pay plans & eft/ach
  • Diary interface
  • Follow-up billing
  • Generate invoices & re-print on demand
  • Show amount due while receipting cash
  • Move remaining balance to next installment
  • Transfer premium from one policy to another
  • Automated payment processing
  • Bill endorsements entirely or over remaining payments
  • Direct billing and agency billing methods
  • Deposit premium (advance payments)
  • On-Line Payments[/sidebar_tab]

Claims Management Highlights

  • Manages all claim activity
  • Reinsurance
  • Statistical reporting
  • Salvage & subrogation
  • Interface with accounting packages
  • One time claimant entry
  • Close and re-open claims
  • Multi-claimant ability
  • A+ and clue reporting
  • Diary interface
  • Quickly adjust reserves
  • Catastrophe tracking
  • Loss provider file
  • System generated letters[/sidebar_tab]

Premium Accounting Highlights

  • Written premium by company / agent
  • Three year expiration lists
  • Renewal worksheets
  • Reinstatements
  • Statistical reporting
  • Report reinsurance
  • Report written premium net of reinsurance
  • Mechanical breakdown reporting
  • Select premium by class
  • Earned and unearned reporting (by policy, county)
  • Policy cancellations (pro-rata or short rate)[/sidebar_tab]

Supplemental Files Highlights

  • Search entire system for insureds name
  • Search on location
  • Email agent maintenance system
  • Export functionality
  • Maintain mortgagees, loss payees, additional insureds, etc.
  • Child and parent agents
  • Maintain agent/agency information
  • Integrated diary system[/sidebar_tab]

Management Information Highlights

  • Agent performance
  • Underwriting analysis
  • Contingent commission program
  • Rate setting
  • Reinsurance retention limits[/sidebar_tab]

  • Enhanced web access for agents on-line
  • Export data to MS Access, Crystal Reports, MS Excel
  • Create / design / edit system reports
  • Interface with imaging
  • On-line catalog of declarations & bills for easy retrieval
  • Mobility and functionality with emergent technologies[/toggle]
  • Attach pictures and documents to a quote
  • Retrieve and modify existing quotes
  • Issue a web quote directly from INS PRO
  • Company controlled settings from auto-underwriting, customization & control.[/toggle]
  • Attach documents to e-mails
  • Automatically send documents via email
  • Edit existing e-mails
  • Send out e-mails automatically on a timer[/toggle]
  • Direct bills & declarations
  • Agent commission statements
  • Proof of loss letter
  • Agent reimbursements reports
  • Losses by agents
  • Claim acknowledgement letters
  • Agent experience report
  • Direct bill premium report
  • Policy changes notices
  • Inspection orders
  • Non-pay, cancellation & non-renewal notices
  • Agent billing list
  • Cancellation & reinstatement letters
  • Loss ratio report earned to incurred
  • Loss history report
  • New & cancelled policies by agent
  • Agent expiration reports
  • Selected policy holder list
  • Policy quotes[/toggle]